How to coordinate (not only) producing of protective face shields via new PrusaPrinters Groups


Connecting members of 3D printing communities have an extremely positive effect – more than ever. People can benefit from easier communication and cooperation in many different cases – you can share information, collaborate on interesting projects or (as many people currently do) help with the production of protective equipment like face shields. It’s great to […]

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PrusaSlicer 2.2.0 is out! Hollowing, support for 3rd party printers and more!

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After several alpha versions, beta versions and release candidates, the final version of our latest PrusaSlicer 2.2.0 with SLA hollowing and support for 3rd party printers is out! Thank you, everyone, who shared feedback with us! PrusaSlicer releases are usually accompanied by major changes and the newest 2.2.0 is no exception. Let’s take a look! […]

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Prusa Research and coronavirus outbreak: How important is to be two steps ahead


I’m sure many of you are already overwhelmed with all the news about the COVID-19 pandemic. However, after careful consideration, I decided to write this article and disclose what course of action we took in Prusa Research and how we managed to minimize the impact by staying ahead of the curve – this is mainly […]

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UPDATED 30.3. – From Design to Mass 3D printing of Medical Shields in Three Days

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30.3. Groups and headband cover We’ve released GROUPS on PrusaPrinters.  You can share information, collaborate and help others with (not only) the production of protective shields. You can learn more about groups in our article. We’ve also released a cover for the headband, which is useful for very high-risk environments as they provide even better […]

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Designer Contest: Everyday necessities for life during a pandemic (with three 3D printers to be won!)

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We are launching our fourth designer contest on Last time we promised something else than practical models again. However, the current situation regarding the coronavirus COVID-19 and all the related restrictions compelled us to change the sequence of topics. We believe that the 3D printer can produce a lot of different things that are […]

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How to make 3D printed LEGO and LEGO Duplo parts


“And can it print LEGO parts?” This is a question we often hear from people who are considering buying a 3D printer and they wonder for which purposes they could use it. And no wonder they ask about these awesome little plastic bricks- LEGO supports creativity, technical thinking and it’s popular among children and adults […]

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Announcing results of the contest – practical and functional models


Our third designer contest attracted hundreds of designers with a total of 1.250 models. After the second contest, we secretly hoped to double the number of competing models. Well, actually, it quadrupled! The turnout was really beyond all expectations. Thanks to all contestants for so many useful practical models. Picking winners wasn’t that easy […]

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3D printed lenses and other cool transparent objects


Lenses, crystals for lightsabers (not real ones, though), lampshades and many other useful things can be actually 3D printed using transparent filaments. However, it takes more than just using the correct filament. We’ll show you how to use your Original Prusa MK3S, MINI or even the SL1 to print awesome transparent objects. So let’s dive […]

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The beginner’s guide to mold making and casting


We could 3D print many different things, and not all of them have to be final products. Instead, we could make various tools, templates, containers…or casting molds. This particular option is the topic of our current article. We will show you how to cast materials such as wax or soap, in household conditions using easily […]

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